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FAQ 's

  • I cannot hear anything with my stethoscope. What’s wrong?

Read here about how to use a (Schweitzer™) stethoscope.

  • Is there latex in my Schweitzer™ stethoscope?

No, Schweitzer™ stethoscopes do not contain any natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber, either in the stethoscope parts or in the packaging

  • Why is the tube of my stethoscope stiff after a few years?

Practically all the tubes used in Schweitzer™ stethoscopes are made of PVC (polyvinylchloride). This material becomes harder after long-term contact with the lipids that occur in the skin. Carrying the stethoscope around the neck can therefore contribute to this. Medical personnel are therefore advised to wear a shirt with a collar if they choose to wear their stethoscope around their neck.

  • Can I also use my Schweitzer™ stethoscope for an MRI?

No, all Schweitzer™ stethoscopes contain metal and may therefore not be used in the vicinity of an active MRI device.


All Schweitzer Stethoscopes have a 5 year warranty period