About MedishopXL

Why we are, who we are

StethoscopeShop.com has been founded by MediShopXL in 2006 by Alexander Matthes, a medical student then, now a practitioner GP. He took the initiative to offer medical equipment via the internet to his colleagues, to clinics and medical students in a quick, uncomplicated and cheap way.

Our primary goal: Use the advantages of the internet webshop to offer a range of everyday products in an uncomplicated way to busy medical professionals, who do not want to spend long hours on the purchase of such products.

Our secondary goal The efficient internet webshop model enables MediShopXL to pass on their lower cost to their customers in form of lower prices. In times like these, with savings everywhere, this is important notably for students and nurses in clinics and retired people’s homes.

Our third goal To share our knowledge and expertise with you, by the selection of and the information on our products. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, when you have any question of medical or technical nature about our products.

And finally: It is our ambition to realise flawless order, delivery and paying procedures for our customers. Once a customer has ordered and paid the article(-s), we want him (or her) to do nothing else than receiving his purchase at the agreed delivery time. That is best for us and even better for you.

Putting all this in practice

  • We want you to be informed about our products in a medical and professional, yet critical way
  • We are constantly improving our order, delivery and purchase procedures, to make them more reliable
  • We take careful notice, that products are in stock and can be delivered to you immediately after ordering them
  • We select reliable partners for fast, timely and fault-free deliveries
  • We cooperate with experienced and completely trustworthy payment services, that comply with the strictest data security regulations
  • We simplify your life as much as we can, when it comes to returning goods, be this the first 14 days after delivery, or later when you have a malfunctioning. We do not want to make your life more complicated, than it already is.

    In the course of the last seven years, thousands of clients have come to appreciate and trust us. And have come back again and again.

    We would be pleased to gain your confidence as well. And be assured, that we do everything to stay in business with you for many years to come.

    What makes MediShopXL ten times different:


    1. 1) Large range of current stethoscopes in stock
    2. 2) Real-time stock indication on the website
    3. 3) Always the latest models – no dumping policy
    4. 4) Laser engraving on Stethoscopes
    5. 5) Immediate order and payment confirmation by e-mail
    6. 6) Secure Payment methods
    7. 7) Order handling and delivery procedures are started the same day (working days untill 7 pm – otherwise the next working day).
    8. 8) Track & Trace: to keep track of your order
    9. 9) Clear warranty conditions - of up to 7 years. Uncomplicated return of goods
    10. 10) Support for àyour questions of technical and medical nature of our products