Littmann Cardiology IV

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Littmann Cardiology IV
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This is the successor of the Cardiology III: a new generation of diaphragm and tube technology provide excellent acoustics, hygiene and ease of use without sacrificing versatility.

The sounds you hardly hear can be the most important ones ...

With the new generation Littmann Cardiology IV series, you can now even hear those sounds, that are normally hardly audible. The improved acoustic performance is the result of innovations in design and used materials. For example, the improved tube design almost completely reduces friction sounds. In addition, the tube is now even more resistant to skin oils and cleansing alcohol, which results in a longer life cycle of the tube.

Easy to clean and to exchange diaphragms

The Littmann IV-Series Cardiology diaphragms are made out of one piece, which makes them easy to clean. In previous models, there were two different parts: a membrane and a rim. Dirt and bacteria could then easily accumulate between rim and diaphragm. Another advantage of the new generation of diaphragms is that these are easier to change if a replacement is necessary.

Tunable diaphragm

Like its predecessor, the new Littmann Cardiology IV features a tunable diaphragm: high sounds are heard when more pressure is exerted on the thorax, while low sounds are more audible at lower pressure.

Open bell versatility

If you like, the pediatric membrane can be removed easily and replaced by the enclosed non-chill sleeve. Most doctors, however, will probably prefer to leave the pediatric diaphragm intact, when frequently examining children.

All together the Littmann Cardiology IV is designed for doctors who give highest priority to superior quality and versatility. The new design and improved acoustic quality enable superior auscultation.

Records high frequency sounds, when you press the breast-piece so enabling a better assessment.


You can hear high as well as low frequency sounds with both the pediatric and adult membrane.


If desired, the pediatric membrane can be replaced for a non-chill rim.


The new membrane out of one piece avoids dirt getting into the thorax.


Improved tube technology with two internal lumens ensures better acoustics.


No use is made of latex or phthalates, which ensures a longer lifecycle for the tube and more resistance to (skin-) oils, alcohol and stains.


Warranty: 7 years


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all EAN codes No
Model Littmann Cardiology IV
Occupation Anesthesiologist-, Cardiologist- , Emergency Physician-, Family Practitioner-, Internist-, Neurologist-, Pediatrician- , Pulmonologist- , Professor/Instructor , Physicians in general
Chestpiece Technology Double sided
Diaphragm Type Two Tunable Diaphragms
Digital stethoscope No
Overall Acoustic Performance No
Tube Length 27 inch (69 cm)
Tube Type Double lumen tubing
Warranty 7 years
Patients Adults & Children
Manufacturer 3M Littmann
Diaphragm diameter 1.3"/3.3 cm, 1.7"/4.3 cm
Chestpiece Weight (metric) 87 g
Net Weight 168 g
SKU NZ-littmann-cardiology-iv
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