Littmann Cardiology III

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Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope
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Due to the tube with the double lumen, this stethoscope produces outstanding performances. The double diaphragm makes it the ideal instrument for doctors who treat both children and adults.

Littmann Cardiology III: versatile and double-tubed

The Littmann Cardiology III is a stethoscope that produces outstanding performances. This is largely due to the tube, which has a double internal lumen. The innovative design includes a patented, tunable diaphragm on either side of the chestpiece. The broad side can be used for adult patients, while the narrow side is suitable for children or thin patients. Besides being suitable for use around bandages, the paediatric diaphragm can also be used to assess the carotid arteries. The paediatric side of the chestpiece can easily be interchanged with the bell. The eartube has an anatomically correct angle, and affords a comfortable fit and excellent sealing due to the patented 3M™ Littmann ® soft-sealing eartips. This combination provides the user with exceptional comfort. Moreover, the solid stainless steel chestpiece and the patient-friendly non-chill rims and diaphragms make it a durable and universally acclaimed stethoscope.

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This stethoscope is two stethoscopes in one. The double diaphragm makes it the ideal instrument for doctors who treat both children and adults. The stethoscope is heavier than the single-tubed models, but it is much more versatile and produces exceptional performances. The flexible tube means that the stethoscope is easy to roll up and convenient to carry. There is a less expensive alternative: the Schweitzer Cardio III. If treating only adult patients, the Littmann Master Cardiology is also an option.

all EAN codes No
Model Littmann Cardiology III
Occupation Anesthesiologist-, Cardiologist- , Emergency Physician-, Family Practitioner-, Internist-, Pediatrician- , Pulmonologist- , Physicians in general, Nurses
Chestpiece Technology Double sided
Diaphragm Type Tunable Diaphragm
Digital stethoscope No
Overall Acoustic Performance 9
Tube Length 27 inch (69 cm)
Tube Type Double lumen tubing
Warranty 5 years
Patients Adults & Children
Manufacturer 3M Littmann
Diaphragm diameter 1.3"/3.3 cm, 1.7"/4.3 cm
Chestpiece Weight (metric) 85 g
Net Weight 180 g
SKU NZ-Littmann-Cardiology-III
Array No

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