Stethoscope Shop

Directly available from stock

The full range in our specialised stethoscope shop is now immediately available in the webshop. All stethoscopes and parts such as diaphragms, earpieces and rings can be easily ordered online. Practically all the items are in stock and are directly available.

In addition to stethoscopes, we also supply a selection of frequently-used quality products specially for medical practitioners.

Specialists in stethoscopes

Our customers often choose to focus on one particular specialist area. We too believe in specialisation and for this reason have decided to specialise in stethoscopes. We not only supply an exceptionally wide range of reliable stethoscope brands such as Littmann® and Schweitzer™, we also have a broad selection of parts such as diaphragms (diaphragm rings) and earpieces.

Engraving your stethoscope

A huge number of doctors purchase their new stethoscopes from us, and this enables us to supply not only our products but also extra services for a very reasonable price. For example, we can arrange to have your stethoscope engraved for you. It’s easy, fast and inexpensive. And it means you will never have to look for your stethoscope again, because from now everybody in the department will know which stethoscope is yours! And you will soon recover the engraving costs because you will never lose your stethoscope again! Tip: An engraved stethoscope is also an ideal gift for:

  • Doctors celebrating their birthdays
  • Students who have been awarded their doctorate
  • Recent graduates from medical schools
  • Colleagues
  • A joint medical practice