Ordering a Stethoscope

Ordering a Littmann stethoscope

The full range of Littmann stethoscopes can now be easily and quickly and ordered online from our modernised webshop. And if you wish, you can have your stethoscope engraved straight away without delay.

Ordering a Schweitzer™ stethoscope

In addition to the Littmann stethoscopes, we also stock Schweitzer™ stethoscopes, of course. These stethoscopes provide unprecedented quality for an attractive price.

Engraving your stethoscope

Because many doctors purchase their new stethoscopes from us, we can supply not only reasonably-priced products but also extra services. For example, if you wish we can also have your stethoscope engraved for you. It’s easy, fast and inexpensive, and you will never have to search for your stethoscope again, because from now on everyone in your department will know which stethoscope is yours! And you will soon recover the low engraving costs because you will never lose your stethoscope again.
Tip: An engraved stethoscope is also a very attractive personal gift for doctors who are celebrating their birthdays or have recently obtained their doctorates or graduated as MDs. A prospective doctor couldn’t receive a nicer graduation gift!