Save time and money with the Group Deal

  • Wholesale prices for Littmann stethoscopes!
  • Free shipment
  • Earn money
  • Only a few clicks away to arrange.
  • Starting from 5 people

Apply for the Group Deal

Who can apply for the Group Deal?

Any group of at least 5 (medical) students, residents, physicians and specialists who would like to buy multiple stethoscopes and other medical instruments in one deal and would like to save money and valuable time.

What are the advantages?

With the Group Deal, you can buy your Littmann stethoscope super cheap and without paying shipping costs! In addition, it saves you lots of work, like collecting all order details, receiving all payments, and so on ... We take these tasks completely out of your hand! Are you the organizer? Then you will receive € 1, - for each participant in your group. You can use that money as a present for the initiative or sponsorship of an event or (faculty) association ! And not unimportant, by sending everything in one big box we naturally save a lot of CO2.

What products can you buy with the Group Deal?

The Group Deal covers the entire range of MediShopXL products. And each participant can individually decide what products he wants to buy and what colors and engravings he/she likes. An up to date price list can be found here

How does the Group Deal work?

Step 1

Apply for the Group Deal. You will automatically receive an email with an application form.

Step 2

The only thing left to do for you is to invite the participants …

Step 3

You will receive the group order form, which you can hand over to the participants. And all the rest you can leave to us!

What are conditions?

Any group of at least 5 members. This can be (medical) students, residents, physicians and specialists who would like to buy multiple stethoscopes and/or other medical instruments together and who would like to get the best prices and premium service.

How quickly will orders be delivered?

After completing the application of the Group Deal form, orders will be sent, within one business day after expiry of the agreed deadline.


* Prices are subject to change. We regularly check our competitors' prices;)

Do you have questions about the Group Deal or want to know more about MediShopXL? Send us a message at