Eko Core - Black

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Eko Core - Black
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Digital Stethoscope With:

- App compatible with Android and IOS

- 40X amplification and compatibility with existing analog stethoscopes.

- Crystal-clear audio with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity and heart sound visualization.

2 Functions. 1 Tool

The Eko Core digital stethoscope provides convenient switching between analog and digital modes with the simple push of a button. Analog/Digital conversion is a categorical improvement on past electronic stethoscopes. Amplification and smart device support when you need it - classic analog sound when you don't.

The Eko Core was crafted with a groundbreaking analog/digital toggle, calibrated audio filtering, and a reengineered dynamic driver, providing superior audio quality, white noise reduction, and enhanced 40x amplification. The Eko digital stethoscope has the largest self-contained audio driver of any stethoscope on the market - providing rich & crystal clear heart sounds and dynamic lung sounds.

Intuitive Software

The Eko Core Digital Stethoscope is the first and only electronic stethoscope to pair wirelessly with your smartphone and offer real-time amplification, visualization, and sharing of heart and lung sounds. Time Magazine named the Eko Core one of the Top 25 Inventions of 2015.

Eko is the only stethoscope to have ever made the list: Top 25 Inventions of 2015 (fifth place on the list).

"If there is one aspect of medicine that’s more art than science, it’s the way doctors listen to ­heartbeats—­trusting their fallible ears and memory to detect aberrations over time. Not so with Eko Core." Eko has built the world’s first Bluetooth-connected auscultation app for mobile devices. The Eko app streams audio wirelessly from your Eko digital stethoscope to help you confidently and quickly assess patient's heart, lung, bowel and other body sounds. It is easy to visualize, record, share, and save critical sounds from your stethoscope. The Eko App allows for quick visualization of S1/S2 heart sounds, murmurs, bruits, and other hard to hear heart and lung sounds.

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The most versatile digital stethoscope

Compare the Eko Core to the Littmann 3200
· Analog and amplified modes.
· 40X audio amplification in digital mode.
· Works with heart, lung, and other body sounds.
· Rechargeable battery with 9 hours of continuous use per charge.
· 7 amplification levels.
· Wireless smartphone connection with Bluetooth LE.

Eko recognizes the value of maintaining the ability to use the analog stethoscope you are familiar with, which is why they developed the ability to seamlessly transition between analog and digital modes at the touch of a button. The Eko Mobile App permits real-time visualization of heart and lung sounds and enables secure saving, sharing, and playback of recordings at the point-of-care. The Eko Web Dashboard allows you to access, review, and annotate your saved recordings from any web browser. All Eko Software is HIPAA-compliant.

all EAN codes No
EAN 0040232285745
Model Eko Core
Occupation Anesthesiologist-, Cardiologist- , Emergency Physician-, Family Practitioner-, Internist-, Pediatrician- , Pulmonologist- , Professor/Instructor , Physicians in general, Students
Chestpiece Technology Double sided
Diaphragm Type Two Tunable Diaphragms
Digital stethoscope Yes
Overall Acoustic Performance No
Tube Length 32 inch (81,3cm)
Tube Type Double lumen tubing
Warranty 7 years
Patients Adults & Children
Manufacturer Eko
Your Color: Black
Diaphragm diameter No
Chestpiece Weight (metric) No
Net Weight No
SKU 04201663
Array No

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