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Schweitzer Master Classic stethoscope
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Completely new and unused stethoscopes, but unfortunately we made an engraving error. We then made the original engraving unreadable and now these stethoscopes are looking for a new home!

Schweitzer™ Master Classic: the 'modern' classic

Just like the Schweitzer™ Classic, the Schweitzer™ Master Classic is a single tube stethoscope. The flexible tube makes the Schweitzer™ Classic easy to store and convenient to carry. The chestpiece is trendy but sturdy and the ergonomic design ensures easy ausculation. The stethoscope, being made of stainless steel, is easy to clean. The tunable diaphragm in the Schweitzer™ Classic ensures that low frequencies become audible by exerting slight pressure on the surface of the skin. Higher frequencies become audible by exerting more pressure.

Nothing left to chance

Other features include the patient-friendly non-chill rims and the anatomically accurate eartube. The soft eartips ensure the airtight transfer of sound to the auditory canal.

Our Experiences

The Schweitzer™ Master Classic is a practical and functional stethoscope with an ergonomic and handy design. In our opinion the acoustic performances can be compared to those of the Schweitzer™ Classic. Both models have a tube with a single inner lumen. For those having higher demands we recommend a model with a double tube, like the Schweitzer™ Cardio III. In addition to a double inner lumen, this stethoscope also has a paediatric diaphragm

all EAN codes No
EAN 0000000003773
Model Schweitzer™ Master Classic
Occupation Anesthesiologist-, Emergency Physician-, Family Practitioner-, Internist-, Neurologist-, Pulmonologist- , Physicians in general, Students
Chestpiece Technology Single sided
Diaphragm Type Tunable Diaphragm
Digital stethoscope No
Overall Acoustic Performance 8
Tube Length 28 inch (71,1cm)
Tube Type Single lumen tubing
Warranty 5 years
Patients Adults
Manufacturer Schweitzer™
Diaphragm diameter No
Chestpiece Weight (metric) No
Net Weight No
SKU EE-schweitzer-master-classic
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