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MediShopXL - B2B desk

Serving the business market, our B2B desk relieves you of a great deal of work. Our account manager will help you find an appropriate solution and will guide you through your entire order. He will also help you, of course, with after-sales service, follow-up orders and other support. The MediShopXL B2B desk is looking forward to doing business with you! The advantages of the MediShopXL B2B desk include:

  • Friendly, proactive service
  • Always the same contact person who arranges everything for you and makes useful suggestions.  
  • Discount for bulk orders
  • Ask us for a competitive quote, free of obligation. This is possible from order totals worth €500.00 excluding VAT.
  • Promotional gifts
  • Our customised solutions are ideal as promotional gifts.

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Requesting a quote

We can provide our larger customers with special custom-made quotes. This is possible from order totals worth €150.00 excluding VAT. Contact us for a quote, free of obligation.

Customised solutions

Would you like your company’s logo to be displayed on a medical instrument that is used by medical practitioners every day? In other words, a really personal promotional gift? Practically all of the items in our webshop can be inscribed or engraved. Which means that you can have your logo inscribed on high-quality instruments used by doctors on a daily basis. Would you like to know more about what our customised solutions can do for you? Why not contact us free of obligation. Some examples: